L'importance d'une protection métatarsienne (MET Guard)

Boots with MET Guard ensure the preservation of your metatarsal bones, which are located on the top of your feet. These are positioned just below the skin surface, without any layer of flesh, muscle or fat to protect them from impact and potential injury.

Typical work shoes don't protect the top of the foot well enough to prevent injury. A metatarsal guard (MET Guard) protects the upper part of your feet with a steel, composite or alloy plate. This can be located inside the boot (inner metatarsal) or outside (outer metatarsal).

Boots with MET Guard External

A boot with an external MET Guard is located outside the boot, usually covering the laces. An external MET Guard covers a larger surface area than an internal one, and is accompanied by padding for enhanced comfort and shock absorption.

Such a boot is ideal for trades involving the handling of heavy objects, but is also suitable for welders. In a welding environment, the external MET Guard will protect the laces from sparks, falling metal and heat.

Boots with internal MET Guard

An internal MET Guard is integrated inside the boot, under the laces. It consists of a plate encased in a flexible material designed to absorb impacts.

Compared with the external version, the internal MET Guard is generally smaller and less bulky, making it a preferred choice for worksites where the risk of getting caught is high.

How can I check whether my boot has MET Guard?

The MET Guard protection symbol takes the form of a white M inside a black square. This logo means that the boot complies with the protection standards set by the CSA group.

Meta CSA

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